Architecture Contests

Footbridge in Amsterdam

The trade represents 80% of of the GDP of the country. The port of commodities of Rotterdam is the 7th more important of the world, for where circulate 4% of all the exports and world-wide imports.

These factors do that the Dutch culture was strongly tied with trade and with the transport since former periods.

The container becomes a common element in all these transactions of commodities and is a fundamental piece to understand the progress and the development of the Dutch society. I think the container has become a symbol.

After his utilization, it, finishes converting in a residue. A residue, but, that already s'it has taken advantage of for reutilitzar-lo for other purposes before being destroyed.

During the last years already s'they have carried out experiments with this element. S'it has used as a envolvent for houses, only needing a small acondicionament of his interior in order to do it habitable.

The bowels of the containers become a filter to look again the city.

The bridge is a big container that it transports us from one bank to the other bank of the river. We are commodities transported by our own steps through the river.